Meera Seshadri

Meera Seshadri

Associate Director

Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers

Meera is the Associate Director for the office, working at the intersection of adolescent health, social justice, and health communication, with a Masters of Science in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She directs the design, implementation, and evaluation of social and behavior change communication programs that promote bodily integrity, sexual and reproductive autonomy, and gender equity as human rights. Understanding and confronting the historical, cultural, and systemic inequalities that affect the health, access, and mobility of young people is an essential focus of her work. Meera is committed to inspiring social change through intersectional activism, evidence-based interventions, culturally responsive programmatic practice, and theory-driven curriculum design that addresses and confronts harm, violence, and oppression across all levels of social ecology. In her role, Meera also supervises and trains the Consent Advocates & Relationship Educators (CARE) who use educational advocacy to engage their peers in workshops and programs that promote more equitable and healthy sexual and social interactions. 

Meera has worked for over a decade as a researcher, activist, and educator to increase access to, and utilization of, comprehensive sexual health resources for adolescents in communities worldwide. Her professional experience includes trauma-informed survivor and organizational advocacy and violence prevention at Emory and Georgetown Universities, community-based participatory research on gender roles and sexual scripts in Bangalore, India, evaluation of neonatal nurse training programs in low-income urban neighborhoods in Chennai, India, and HIV/STI prevention education in Oakland, CA. While working at Georgetown University, Meera became a Subject Matter Expert for LiveSafe's Advisory Board, providing consult on trauma-informed language for the application's sexual assault and harassment services. She now consults for PaxSafe, the global safety and wellbeing platform. 

Meera is also passionate about exploring cultural constructions of gender, sexuality, and the female form through dance. Trained in the classical art forms of Bharathanatyam and Kathak and with a minor in dance from George Washington University, Meera has been choreographing, teaching, and performing semi-classical, lyrical, and Bollywood dance for 10+ years across the United States and India. She is currently a Choreographer and Creative Advisor for Boston Bollywood. 


Contact Information

p: 617-496-6249