Get Help

The Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response has advocates who are avaialable Monday-Friday for scheduled appointments and intakes.  To schedule a meeting with an advocate, please reach out to our office: or (617) 496-5636.  

What can I expect?

Upon reaching out, you will be invited to meet with a staff member for a 30 minute intake, designed to understand your needs and how best OSAPR might provide services.  After the intake, your interactions with OSAPR may take a number of forms, including assistance with referrals to other University and/or community resources or scheduled follow up appointments.  

What if I need help more quickly?

Our hotline, (617) 495-9100, is also staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you are experiencing emotional distress and/or need medical or legal accompaniment. If you have immediate safety or medical concerns, please see below.


Your safety is most important. If you are concerned about your safety, or cannot get to a safe place in order to seek help, call Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) at (617) 495-1212. HUPD is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Once you are in a safe place, the following options for care and support are available:

Medical Attention

Victims of sexual assault may want to consider getting medical attention for three different reasons:

  1. To treat any injuries that may have occurred during the assault. Even if you do not 'feel' injured, you may have experienced bruising, lacerations, or internal injuries (particularly if you were forced to have vaginal or anal intercourse).
  2. To obtain antibiotics for the prevention or treatment of sexually transmitted infections and to access emergency contraception (optional; used to prevent pregnancy within 120 hours of unprotected penile/vaginal assault).
  3. To provide for the possibility of collecting forensic evidence; this may be used later if you decide to prosecute.

Obtaining Medical Care or Evidence Collection

During business hours you can seek 24-hour assistance at the walk-in clinic or Urgent Care at Harvard University Health Services by calling (617) 495-5711. You can also access medical accompaniment by calling the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at (617) 495-9100. If you prefer, a friend may accompany you to provide support. Additionally, OSAPR can provide transportation and accompaniment to a hospital for evidence collection for those interested.

Additional campus, local, and national resources can be found here.