Connect with our Direct Service Team

Is OSAPR the right place for me? 

OSAPR supports all members of the Harvard community. People who meet with us sometimes are able to label their experiences and others are not able to. That’s fine. We are here to support each person by meeting you where you are at and supporting you in identify what is most helpful for you at this moment. People who visit OSAPR may come for the following reason, please be mindful that these are example and is not limited to the list below. 

  • Sexual assault 

  • Harassment 

  • Stalking (online and/or in person)

  • Dating concerns 

  • Domestic Violence 

  • Gender based harassment 

  • Supporting a friend and/or witnessing someone who was impacted by the areas above 

Again, this list is not extensive to our services and you do not need to have this language. If you feel like you have been impacted by someone or a situation, whether past or present, and you feel like it may be connected to our office we are here for you. We will support you and help you identify resources when needed. 

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Counseling
  • Identifing and reffering to internal university and local resources
  • Education and trainings 
  • Assitance with identifying medical supports (including medical accompainment, health care facilities, and psycho-education)
  • Guidance around legal support (including refferals and/or accompaintment to police agencies, restraining orders, and connecting agencies)

If you need supports outside of the above listing we always recommend you speak with us, as this is not an extensive list in which we can be there for you.

What to expect on my first visit? 

The initial conversation is about a half hour long. The focus of the meeting is to collaborate with you on identifying your needs and how we can best support you. We provide you with information regarding our services, explain confidentiality and our limits, and began to talk about potential next steps for support. Again, this is a collaborative approach in which we will identify together how we can best support you and what services fits your needs. If a follow up appointment is required or requested we collaborate with you on when the follow up appointment will occur.  

What if I need help more quickly?  

If you are experiencing emotional distress and/or need of medical or legal information immediately we are here for you. Our crisis hotline, (617) 495-9100, is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our counselors and advocates. In addition to our 24-hour hotline, there’s also Counseling and Mental Health Services’ Line (617.495.5711) if you need support after-hours or on weekends. Please feel free to call either one at any time.   


Your safety is most important. If you are concerned about your safety, or cannot get to a safe place in order to seek help, call Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) at (617) 495-1212. HUPD is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. If HUPD is not accessible, please call 911 or go to your nearest Police Department.  

Health and Mental Health Emergencies  

You can seek 24-hour assistance at the walk-in clinic or Urgent Care at Harvard University Health Services by calling (617) 495-5711.  If Urgent Care or HUHS is not accessible, please call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department. 



Contact us at or (617) 496-5636 or find us at 624 Smith Campus Center, 75 Mt. Auburn St.