OSAPR’s Commitment to You, Even at a Distance

April 8, 2020

Dear Harvard students,

I imagine you are beginning to adapt and find new routines as we have moved our world and interactions online. Typically, April is a busy month for us at the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, as we observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month with keynote speakers, workshops, social media campaigns, in-person gatherings, the iconic Harvard Wears Denim day (which our Consent Advocates and Relationship Educators expertly organize every year), and Our Voices (a student-led performance organized in partnership with OSAPR).

This April, social distancing and the isolation of our current reality have challenged our OSAPR team to imagine different engagement strategies with our community. We have invested much time and effort in developing our social media engagement and online resources as well as structuring a series of online events, from Yoga for Restoration to Lunch and Learn sessions andNetflix and Chill with OSAPR.

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