Break The Silence Exhibit at Mather House Gallery

November 16, 2015
Show solidarity, visit the exhibit and share your thoughts.The content of this exhibit deals with sexual violence. It may be difficult to some viewers. For anyone in need of support, please contact the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response’s 24-hour hotline: 617/495-9100. 
Mather House supports President Faust’s message following the release of the AAU Sexual Conduct Survey: “we must confront the realities documented by the survey as we develop a comprehensive effort to combat sexual assault, one that engages our entire community in a sustained and effective manner.” It is the job of every single member of the greater Harvard community to do everything possible to change the culture that has allowed this problem to flourish. To this end the Masters of Mather House have been engaging the student population to increase awareness, community and empathy for this critically important topic. As part of these initiatives, the Sandra Naddaff and Leigh Hafrey Three Columns Gallery at Mather House will host a special exhibition of “The Clothesline Project at Mather House – Break the Silence” from Monday, November 16th until Friday, December 4th. Come show support for our assault victims, and join us for the opening reception for this exhibition on Monday, November 16th, from 5-6 pm in the gallery. The content of this exhibit deals with sexual violence. The Clothesline Project is a collection of experiences through the eyes of survivors of interpersonal and sexual violence, their loved ones, and allies, displayed as a physical reminder of voices often silenced. Since their start on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1990, this undeniably visible medium about gender-based violence has spread worldwide. Throughout the month of April 2015, it travelled across Harvard University. The Harvard Clothesline Project welcomes additions to the collection and has spaces in the Office of Sexual Assault and Prevention (OSAPR) or the Women’s Center to create a shirt. For more questions about the project, please call the OSAPR main office line (617-496-5636). To talk more about reactions to or feelings about the project, please contact the OSAPR 24-hour hotline (617-495-9100). Follow the progress of the Clothesline Project and learn about other Sexual Assault Awareness Month events on OSAPR’s Twitter (@HarvardOSAPR), OSAPR’s Facebook (, and OSAPR’s website (