History of CARE

CARE began under former OSAPR Director Sarah Rankin (2006-2013) who established The Student Alliance, for incoming first-year students to have informative, thoughtful, and relevant peer-led dialogues after attending the show "Speak About It" - a play that explores topics of sex, sexuality, gender, consent, and sexual violence.  Alicia Oeser (2013-2017) renamed the group "Consent, Assault Awareness, and Relationship Educators," and exampled their activities beyond first-year orientation to include awareness raising comapigns during Relationship Violence Awareness Month and Sexual Assualt Awareness Month. 

Associate Director Meera Seshadri began managing CARE in August 2014.  She led the students in several rebranding exercises to establish a mission and vision for the newly named "Consent Advocates & Relationship Educators (CARE)", rooting their educational value system in intersectionality and anti-oppression activism. Meera developed CARE's training curriculum, workshop modules, and programming, infused with public health theories of social change communication. Through strategic training partnerships across the College with groups such as the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, the Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisors, and the Undergraduate Council, and the Freshmen Dean's Office, the CAREs developed five distinct workshops that are now offered to students throughout the year. In addition to facilitating dialogue, the CAREs collaborate with OSAPR on health communication campaigns such as Harvard Wears Denim and production of the annual "Our Voices" shows - a performance art platform created by Meera Seshadri (2014-2017) for Harvard community members to tell their stories of harm, healing, and resistance in their original voice. 

CARE was co-supervised by Education Specialist for OSAPR Maike Isaac, who supervised the CARE Tutors in the Houses. Following Maike's departure, Rose Poyau, Case Coordinator is serving to co-supervise the CARE Tutors. 

Learn more about social change communication through OSAPR's Vocabulary here. 

Learn more about the CARE Tutors in the Houses. 

CARE Directors

2017 - 2018: Solange Azor, Director of Education and Jackie Kellogg, Director of Operations & Marketing

2016 - 2017: Catherine Smilow, Director of Education; Basia Rosenbaum, Director of Operations; and Laura Ottinger, Director of Marketing 

2015 - 2016: Kani David, Director of Education; Adriana Mendez Leal, Director of Marketing, and Fran Swanson, Director of Operations 

2014 - 2015: Melanie Justiniano, President and Elly Brinkley, Vice President 

2013 - 2014: Demetrio Anaya, President of CAARE