Confronting Rape Culture

What steps can you take to confront rape culture?

1. Explore your own attitudes and beliefs. Reflect on the implicit biases you may hold, or the jokes you may be making that are seemingly "harmless." We have to acknowledge how pervasive rape culture is in virtually every public and private space, whether overt or subversive, and how we may be contributing to the problem.  As individual awareness heightens, social consciousness is raised, and culture changes. 

2. Educate yourself, and others by raising awareness about rape culture. Interrupt harmful language, jokes and attitudes. A harmful attitude is not created in a vacuum―it exists within an entire belief system. Creating environments where this kind of harmful language cannot thrive is the first step toward culture change. Change happens in discomfort.

3. Engage with your world more intentionally by critically consuming media, and encourage others to do so as well. Be more attuned to harmful representations of gender, sexuality, sex, and consent. What do we internalize from these messages and how does that influence the tolerance of violence, oppression, and harm? By dismantling these attitudes through dialogue, advocacy, and programming, we become a community of educated and empowered individuals working toward sustainable culture change.