CARE Workshops

CARE offers five different educational modules that are tailored to fit the needs of your organization or event. To request a program, e-mail

1. Party Savvy - Why we should CARE about Social Spaces (offered as either a co-faclitation with the Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisors or a stand-alone workshop exploring the intersection of alcohol, sexual assault, and consent in interpersonal and social interactions and spaces.) 

2. Social Responsibility in the Arts (a training partnership with the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club that uncovers the intersection of consent, violence, trauma, and the represntation and handling of these themes in the arts)

3. Promoting Consent as Leaders (a training partnership with the Undergraduate Council that explores the concepts of identity, coercion, and groupthink, and the impact of social modeling with organizations and clubs.)

4. Why we should CARE about Consent (a module for upperclassmen that explores rape culture,  the normalization of violence, and how we are socialized to think about consent as young people)

5. Consent Beyond a Violation (Students enter Harvard having limited conversations about how to begin, maintain, and end healthy sexual and romantic relationships. When sex is discussed in primary and sencondary school, it is often portrayed through a biological lens at best, without an in-depth conversation surrounding the importance of identity, bodily integrity, sexuality, pleasure, gender, and exploration. The purpose of this first-year orientation workshop is to help new students understand the intersection of sexual health and sexual violence, and why it is so important to develop a definition of what consent looks and feels like in order to promote healthier, happier, more equitable relationships.)