April Virtual Programming



  • Monday - Netflix & Chill with OSAPR

Join OSAPR & Friends for a movie and conversations about consent & relationship representation in media - good, bad, or otherwise. Monday nights at 8 pm EST.  BYO Popcorn. 

Link to Zoom: bit.ly/OSAPR-NC1

 Facebook event: facebook.com/events/208169793952195/

  • Wednesday - Yoga for Restoration

Join OSAPR’s Yoga for Restoration. An hour of yoga consisting of conscious breathing exercises, physical movements (low to moderate intensity), and guided meditation. 

Wednesday nights from 6-7 pm EST. All bodies and abilities are welcome and no prior yoga experience is necessary. 

This event takes place on Zoom. Link: tiny.cc/2020yoga

Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/2529691080468866/

  • Thursday - Lunch & Learns

Bring a lunch and learn how to support survivors of intimate harm, talk about consent, and navigate relationships from a distance.  Thursdays at 2pm EST. 

This event is taking place on Zoom. Link: bit.ly/OSAPR-LL1

Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/2590223211259222/

Lunch & Learn Schedule

  • 4/2: Responding to Harm

We know people experiencing harm and violence in their relationships often turn to trusted professionals in their lives - doctors, counselors, and clergy - for help. Responding to Harm: Skills for Professionals will provide basic information about the dynamics of relationships where intimate harm occurs, strategies for supporting survivors, and guidelines for creating boundaries that support your own wellbeing. 

Join Charlotte Zelle, OSAPR’s intern from Harvard Divinity School, and Erin Basler, Education & Community Engagement Specialist at OSAPR, for this webinar on Tuesday, April 9th at 2 pm EST to learn how to recognize, respond, and refer when you receive a disclosure.

  • 4/9: Cybervictimization & Tech Safety: Tools & Resources for Online Communication

Right now, online is the option for connecting with our workplaces, social networks, and the larger community. In this webinar, OSAPR takes you through what intimate harm looks like online, the basics of internet and device safety, and resources, tips, and tools for checking your tech. 

  • 4/16: The Internet is Forever - Consent, Kindness, & Connection Online

Online communication can remove us from the impact of and accountability for our actions. The need for consent doesn’t change just because you are behind a computer. This webinar is an interactive conversation about social norms in our new normal. Whether it’s screen-shotting a group chat, or doing something #HarvardConfessions-worthy on Zoom - all of these platforms come with opportunities to connect and a need for common etiquette.

  • 4/23: Lonely Days & Tinder Nights

Imagine this: When your grandparents got together, they were limited to the people in their social circle. Now we have gamified our partner search to the point where you are more likely to get a wrist cramp before a coffee date. In this webinar, OSAPR will focus on how to effectively communicate what you want and identify markers of a future spouse, a penpal, or a one-night stand (once we are let out in the world again).

  • Rescheduled for 5/07: Love in the Time of COVID: LDRs & Maintaining Connection

For some, social distancing hasn’t shifted how their relationship works. Others, especially college students, might be in their first LDR. Long-Distance relationships can be hard to manage. Join OSAPR & Friends to discuss ways you can maintain the connection with your far-flung partners (and friends).