24-Hour Hotline


How it works:

Trained rape crisis counselors staff a confidential support and information hotline, 24 hours a day, every day. The hotline is answered in the office during business hours and forwarded to a staff member after 5pm.  

 Why we hope you’ll call:

Survivors deserve support and access to information.  We know deciding to pick up the phone and make this call is a potentially difficult decision.  There is no wrong reason to call and no threshold someone’s experience or feelings must meet in order to talk with us.  This service exists because support doesn’t have office hours - it should be available to you at all times.  

 What happens if no one answers?

Unfortunately, it is possible that a call will be missed.  We know this can be a painful experience, especially after making the decision to reach out, but we encourage you to leave a message. Leaving a message is the only way we can get back to a caller to ensure they receive the information or support they are seeking. Our voicemails are confidential and immediately deleted after they’ve been heard. If this is not something you’re comfortable with, we hope you’ll find another way to reach out- send us an email, or make an appointment to stop by the office.

 Are there alternatives to the OSAPR hotline?

If the OSAPR hotline does not feel like your best option, Harvard College students may contact Response Peer Counseling at 617-495-9600 between the hours of 8pm to 8am. The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center also offers 24 hour confidential services and can be reached at 800-841-8371.